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Pressure Comparison -
Soft palate control exercises using EQ TOOL

The following video explains three exercises with OCTUPOS 'EQ TOOL.

Lots of free divers at the beginning of their journey experience a lack of control over the muscles associated with comparing pressures, one of the classic problems is a lack of control over the soft palate. The soft palate is the door that separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity.

To understand where it is, we will attach the tip of the tongue backwards to the back of the upper teeth (hard palate) and move the tip of the tongue against the palate backwards until we reach a soft spot, and hop - we have reached the soft palate!

With the help of the EQ TOOL and some exercises we can develop the ability to control the soft palate, with the help of the control of the soft palate we can improve the pressure comparison capabilities in free diving and transfer air freely to the auditory canals and sinus cavity efficiently, easily and conveniently.

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