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Meet the most equal team in the Middle East - a team that is a family

Founders of the Israel Scuba Diving Club: 

Ariel Kedmi

Founder of the school: Freedive Israel  

Blue Chitta - Freediving and Yoga  

Yoga Shak Montreal  

Israel's freestyle diver


"I fell in love with the sea when I arrived in Eilat at the age of 23 and worked as a diving instructor. 4 years later in the field, and while studying yoga and breathing, a door was opened for me to the world of free diving, the connection was immediate.
This time I experienced the deep silence for the first time, the ability to "fly" underwater and surf deep in calm, my life changed. I moved to Thailand, where I concentrated on training and learning scuba diving for two years.

From there I continued to practice and teach in scuba diving clubs around the world,  From Eilat to Mozambique and Mexico to the islands of Honduras and Panama. During this time I was also part of a team of safety divers in 3 international competitions including the diamond in the crown, the World Diving Championship in which I also took part as a competitor.

In July 2018, together with Adam Hale, my partner, we opened the "Freedive Israel" club, where we make the world of free diving accessible to the general public, in an atmosphere and standards that we have learned and taught at the world's leading diving clubs.  

In May 2019 I took part in an international free diving competition in the blue guy in Sinai, where I broke the Israeli record in deep diving with cwtb fins.  

"Depth is never the goal, depth comes as a by-product of comfort, connection and relaxation."

Adam Hale

"The sea and the water have always been an integral part of my life, I was born into a water birth. In my childhood and adolescence as a freestyle swimmer and fisherman I was drawn to the water and the sea with all my might. After a while I was exposed on the island to the field of free diving at the Freedive Utila school where I was guided by the diving instructor Ariel Kedmi.

From the moment I completed the first course I became addicted to the peace and quiet experienced in the depths and decided to abandon all my pursuits and be as underwater as possible. Over time I progressed from course to course and became a free diving instructor at Apnea Total School in Koh Tao, Thailand. I love living the connection to the sea, diving, training and deepening in the field.

All of this led me to open the school for free diving "Freedive Israel" together with my teacher and friends Ariel Kedmi.

Water is a conductive substance, let them guide you and discover a wonderful world! "

Founder of the school "Freedive Israel"

Diving instructor with extensive experience in instruction in free diving, scuba diving and yoga in Israel and abroad.

Jordan after Hale

Director of the Israel Free Diving Club, free diving instructor, professional underwater photographer, and responsible for marketing and activities at the school.

"My journey with the sea began when I came to Eilat for a diving course with tanks. In the course I met Adam, who was a free diver and told me about this world. From there, after I fell in love with the sea I also fell in love with Adam On the island of Koh Tao in Thailand.  

We returned to Israel, opened the Israel Free Diving School, and after a year I returned to Thailand to complete an instructors course.

I think the feeling that fascinates me the most in water is that the water just gets us all, no matter how we got to it.

The sea helps me to accept myself, in the stillness of the breath, in the gentle touch of the water on the skin.

When I dive the thought is completely neutralized in me, and every time I rise to the surface of the water I seem to come to life anew, and there is no more refreshing and powerful feeling than that, literally being born again.

In the last year I have started taking professional underwater photography in free diving and I enjoy it wildly, it is fun to share the beauty underwater and the beauty and delicacy that there is in free diving.  

  I enjoy spreading the sport to as many people as possible, knowing that everyone who goes crazy in the world of water and breathing will indeed make the world a better place. "

our team :

 Jonah Baldser

Free diving instructor and instructor of the masters program at the Israel Free Diving School


“In everyday life we run after our goals non-stop.

We tend to forget to take a breath and stop, experience ourselves, life, our own experience, and truly feel, feel and appreciate that we are here now.

This is what free diving means to me, this moment where I take my last breath and all I have left is to experience myself in the here and now.

"For me, people were what attracted me in the beginning, I knew very special people who connect with themselves in a very different and unique way, and I knew I wanted to take and be a part."


Turn on, tune in, drop out - Timothy Leary  

My favorite animal - Orca

בר לאתר.jpeg
Koglovitch Bar

Familiar with these moments? Those moments when you were most present. Those moments when you felt that your destiny for our beautiful ball came true. So here's my moment. 
My story begins somewhere else in Sinai. 
The stellar parents would flock to those beaches chronically, and I as a child trailed behind them with no choice (of course accompanied by a snorkel and mask). 
Hours upon hours I would spend in the water, watching nature, connecting. 
Also in the pool of the settlement I would play holding my breath, collecting coins from the bottom and swimming back and forth the pool underwater in an attempt to gain as much distance as possible. 
Go explain to an 8-year-old about his vocation. 
Today, I am happy to say with all my heart that I am fulfilling my destiny and starting to guide free diving. 
So if you are people of nature, if when you are near the sea the smell of moisture and salt makes you shiver, if when your feet touch the sand you feel your energy flowing to the ground, if with your head under water you feel the most peaceful you have ever felt, if you surf, if you Afraid of fish, the sea and life in general and want to study yourself at the most intimate level possible. 
I invite you to come with me to a deep process, which combines a connection to nature and to ourselves. 
Come see what you are capable of, you will not believe how much power lies within you. 
Let's get fearless
Let's become invisible
Let's go diving

Goni Bergman

Free diving instructor at the Israel Free Diving School


"As a child growing up on a kibbutz in the Negev, surrounded by a desert, I was always drawn to the sea and the water element.

Over the years this feeling intensified. I wanted to feel like I was part of the sea, to feel like I belonged there.

During a long trip to the East I heard there was a bachelor’s degree in marine science, and I knew it would be the next step in my relationship with the sea. At the beginning of my bachelor's degree, I was a DM diver, and when I was exposed to the world of free diving, I realized that things were going to change - and I started the transition from a scuba diver to a free diver.

Encountering scuba diving I felt I had finally found something I had been looking for a long time: a sport that is a way of life. A sport that combines internal and external awareness.

I am a marine biologist, in the midst of a master's degree in the study of Mediterranean sharks, and free diving is a big part of my life and who I am. Through it I learn about myself and delve deeper.

Thanks to the free diving, I feel that I am part of the sea, that I belong to the water world as well as to the land world. "

Ben Haim song

A free submarine, working in an office team, and the one who knows how to answer every question, and makes sure we all have order in our heads :)


"The world of free diving was revealed to me after a certain period when I lived in Eilat and did not stop hearing about the crazy world  This, every time I went I heard the voices about free diving Israel.
So I came to check out what it was all about and fell completely in love with diving and people. From there I left my previous job and came to work in an office with Jordan!
Free diving for me is a place for personal work in the most intense way I have experienced in my life.
A place where I meet the good voices
  And the bad guys inside the head and learning to manage them. 
You dive into infinite silence, listening and looking curiously at the feelings, emotions and thoughts. "

Omar Kedem

Free diving instructor at the Israel Free Diving School


"For as long as I can remember I have been connected to sports and the sea. The combination of them in free diving in addition to the fact that unlike other sports, adrenaline does not play a game but relaxation and self-control has attracted me.

My encounter with the world of scuba diving began towards the end of my military service as a fighter in the Magellan unit
Towards the end of the service I entered the world of scuba diving when I did the basic course and there I realized that the world of scuba diving is going to be a significant part of my life.

After returning from a trip to the East and beginning my studies in psychology at the Open University, I decided to attend a masters course (lasting about a month).
During the course, I decided to move to the Red Sea - to Eilat in order to deepen my knowledge, get new tools for life and teach and connect other people to an intriguing magical world that can only teach us a lot about ourselves.
My goal is to open up to more people the world of free diving as a sport, experience, hobby and brave as a way of life.
Diving can teach us a lot about our thinking patterns, our behavior patterns and how we can direct them to the desired place. "

The life is not the amount of breathe we take, its the moment that take your breathe away ""

Or Meron Asher

As a kid I spent a lot of time at sea but out of fear of the depths I never got past the point where my feet detached from the ground. During my military service I was exposed to the world of breath holding through the Wim Hof method and after the army and at the end of a trip for Israel I came to Eilat and the Freedive Israel Club for a basic course, in order to overcome the fear. The course for me was a deep and exciting experience that completely drew me to the world of free diving and made me fall in love with the sea.
After the course I continued to dive and explore what this thing was for me, and after a while I became an instructor at the club. 
The sea for me is calm and medicine, a mirror that reflects the inner world and floods precipitation.

Roy Bar Niv

My connection to the sea began as a child born in Eilat.

Over time this connection intensified and I found the sea as a place of refuge for me, making me feel part of something vast and spectacular.


Throughout my life I have made the marine environment a way of life, whether it is surfing, diving or keeping the sea safe. I started my career as an MD tank diver)). When I was exposed to the world of scuba diving I very quickly realized that this is my place, this is the life I want to live.

The serenity and serenity along with the powerful connection to myself and nature just called me.

I arrived at this magical place called "Freedive Israel" that just brought me together with such special and good people who very quickly became friends.

The feeling of awareness along with the uncertainty makes me feel so connected and unmasked in the water world.

  I am a free diving instructor, living in Eilat with my dog. Free diving is a big part of who I am and what I am, every day I re-learn and delve deeper.

Today I know and feel more than ever that I am part of the sea and it is part of me and this belonging will exist for the world.

"It's not their longevity, but their depth"

Come on, we are waiting to meet you in Eilat! 

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