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What to do in Eilat?


Eilat is amazing and small, you do not have to go far to find what is good.

So if you are doing a freediving course with us or you are already a certified freediver, here are some tips that will complete your experience with us here in the Red city of Eilat.

(Where to eat and where to drink, general recommendations for places with a good atmosphere and that are nice to sit in beyond the flavors in the mouth)


that will complete your experience in the citiy and make it perfect!

Our Achinam has prepared for you a perfect list of all the good and recommended places that the locals are addicted to:

Where to eat and where to drink General recommendations for places with an atmosphere that is nice to sit in beyond the flavors in the mouth


Where to eat?
Fortuna -  Stunning pizzeria with a really great atmosphere and a bottle of wine and a pleasant atmosphere
2. Branza - has a very varied menu, a beautiful and pleasant place, is in tourism so it does not have an atmosphere of disconnection, but it is the only good cafe here.
3. Broitman - a great bakery with crazy sandwiches and pastries! for vegetrian & vegan.

This place is all about the purity of sourdough bread and you will meet all of the good guys eating there at any hour of the day :)


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יינות אילת.jpg

4. Ethiopian - a restaurant with very tasty Ethiopian food - also great for vegans
5. Sushi Saga / Thai Corner
  - If you are in the desert of the middle east and you find yourself missing Thailand. we have Asian food here in Eilat/ high standard and authentic - these are the places! Saga Saga is a small family business that offers a really wide variety of dishes from the East, including excellent sushi made by the Thai mother. The Thai Corner is a restaurant with the most amazing service and simply excellent food - and they work at a high pace. 

Papi - Papi - For meat eaters: This is a very high-quality restaurant - the prices are accordingly but worth it.

PEDRO - For meat eaters & good diary food - pasata pizza and more. the place is really beautiful and we haighly recommend you to take a seat outside. They do "conspet" evening twice a week - one of sea food and one of high quallity meat.

Where to drink?

(of course, think about tomorrow and do not drink too much day before freediving)

1. Eilat Wines - a recommendation that is valid only for Friday morning, there is a classy atmosphere but really nice, there is also delicious food 
2. Grandma's yard - a really nice place, a cocktail bar in a very relaxed cool atmosphere, a place that is suitable for conducting conversations with some great food & drinks - espcially the cocktails!
3. Wine Garage - Open only on Sunday evenings - All the young and coveted locals gather to sit on crates in an industrial area. super cool place with a good atmosphere - sometimes there is a change in days so it's worth following on Instagram (if you click on "Wine Garage” it will take you straight there) - ask a local young person how to get there because everyone knows and will be there :)
4. Habradak -  recommended and not recommended at the same time, there are successful evenings but most evenings there is techno and bad company.
6. The brewery - a great place in an industrial area, a selection of special beers they make and with delicious food in addition
7. Messi bar - Rock Bar
 With everything it includes, a smoky atmosphere, lovely bartenders, beer and pizza with great music, a place that needs to speak loudly to hear the friends  



What if I want to dance?
The corona pretty much turned off all our dancing but there was a bit left ...:

1. Fiday at Dekel beach - at around 16:00-17:00 the party will start to get in serious motion. the music starts before and the style is techno, trance sometimes the party starts off with techno and goes into trance.
2. Recently returned the white night in Mosh beach- very nice live music :) Keep up to be updated on Mosh's Facebook.
3. Repeats again the recommendation on the bardak and also on the reservation  

4. There are also parties at Avraham Hostel - there are no fixed days so you need to be updated - but almost every weekend.

Which beach are you sitting on?

1. KATZZA - a great clean beach for snorkeling without too many facilities. There are local dolphins on this beach!!!
2. The Princess / Lighthouse - the place to see the most beautiful reef and an impressive amount of fish. located right on the edge of Eilat before Sinai, these beaches are with few people and no facilities. whoever you want facilities there are restaurants and showers on the lighthouse beach
3. Mosh beach - now you say, Achinam everyone knows Mosh beach, you should not recommend it. but my recommendation is when to come and not whether to come, there is great food in Mosh and the beach is beautiful but in the summer even if you will pay me, I will not sit there. In the winter or the middle of the week, Mosh beach is the place for you! In the winter on Sunday evenings there is a jam and bonfire  ♥
4. The northern coast - For a lovely sunset and some sand on your feet, go to the north, a different atmosphere from all the beaches in Eilat.
5. Aqua Sports - A beach for families most of the time, but also with a lot of facilities, there is a restaurant there that is also nice, located right on all the diving clubs, a convenient entrance to the water.

Places you can not miss!

1. The Stalbet at the Dolphin reef - A truly amazing place, that is a home for our dolphins and beautiful botanic garden! entrance is free starting at 17:00 - closed on Sundays
2. Elad Theater - a stunning group that puts on many types of plays, I would update on their Instagram if you have a free evening and a desire to enjoy some of our lovely local theater - everythins is in Hebrow.

And after you have eaten, drank, danced and enjoyed, let's talk about the magical desert we have here!

Recommendations for trips and beautiful spots, before leaving for the routes, open a website or talk to me so that you do not lose us in the field :)

1. The Red Canyon - If by any chance you have reached this stage in your life and you have not been to the Red Canyon quickly and quickly fix it a short and beautiful route, you will admayer.
2. Nahal Gesheron - if there is only one vehicle - upper circle, if there are two vehicles and a free day then Nahal Gesheron for slate, which is the last / first day of the Israel Trail.
3. Black Mall - a very cute circular route
 TSFAHOT -this is the closest route to the city, and the only observation (!) In the world from which you can see four countries. relatively short route and highly recommended to make for it a sunrise trip. 
5. Timna - Although the entrance costs money, it is totally worth it! a really beautiful park that looks just like Mars, specifically Mount Timna and Nahal alchson.
6. Cholot Casoi- The softest sand you will ever feel. if you feel like running as children and playing in the sand that this is the place for you!   the dunes of Dubai in Israel.
7. Safra crossind -a stunning cleft, though you can find your way to Nahal Gesheron or You can make the circular route, very experiential, a short and beautiful route. I feel like this passage is like the passage to Narnira, crawling in a side passage and coming out in a completely different landscape.
8. Yotam Knife - also a very close route to the city, also short and beautiful ♥

There are countless amazing routes at different difficulty levels but we want this list read so for more hikes while levels talk to me just :)

Achinoam we are less in to walking and more in to watching the beautiful view, like we say in israel “class with zero effort”:

Mount Yehoram - You can go right up to the summit with the vehicle.  keep in mind that the road there is not the most friendly road in israel, but you can park at the lower canyon and go up. a perfect spot for sunset.

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