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Intro - Introductory day for free diving

Tintrodaction day with the sport.
The day covers the first day of the 

the complete FREEDIVER cuorse, in which we will learn all the basics of freediving tools and how to dive safly to 12 meters.

The day is divided into two parts:


Grade class:
We will deliver with the help of lectures, videos, and breathing techniques that will help the diver get ready for the water.


Water rate:
Enjoy a ratio of 2-3 divers to the guide, which allows for personal treatment and precise instructions for improving diving techniques.

The guide will accompany the diver throughout their stay underwater regardless of depth, which enhances the feeling of security and safety.

Upon completion of the Freediver course, you will receive an international certification and a personal email with internet access to all the material learned in the course in order to preserve the knowledge.

From the moment you receive the certificate you are part of the community of free divers, who can dive and practice in any free diving school around the world.


Preliminary requirements:

Ability to swim 200 meters with or without fins.

Minimum age: 12.


Course structure:

Grade class:

  • Familiarity with the world of free diving and diving styles.

  • Familiarity and use of equipment.

  • DUCK DIVES - The effective method of entering the water.

  • Proper footwork, technique of using fins.

  • Comparison of pressures.

  • Breathing techniques - 2 parts.


Water rate:

  • Preparation of the equipment.

  • Practice proper and effective breathing in water.

  • DUCK DIVES practice and footwork and fins work.

  • Practice and improve body guides while diving.

  • Buoyancy test.

Maximum depth 12 meters.


Course duration: day  

Hours: 8: 30-15: 00

* There is an option to request a professional underwater still photography with a fee catcher - click for more details


600 NIS in the middle of the week  

700 NIS on weekends

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