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Master Course -
Master freediver course

 An intensive course in which we will go through a process, practice and learn for about five weeks in order to maximize the potential that exists in us as free divers.
We will take a break from our normal daily lives and focus solely on free diving: we will train right, eat right, sleep right, and all this will improve our comfort and technique as free divers and become amateurs and professionals in everything related to the field.
With all this we will discover and break new records.

The "Masters Course" is a unique and unique program in the Land of Israel. With the close guidance of the masters' instructors at home in the book Free Diving Israel, a training program will be tailored to the needs of each free diver  Specific to bring the diver to the highest level according to his personal abilities.

We will be proficient in various techniques and in all styles of free diving (except No limitis) and we will acquire extensive and in-depth knowledge in the field of free diving as a way of life .

This course is suitable for any diver who has completed the ADVANCED FREEDIVER course (or any equivalent course from another international free diving organization), whether he wants to continue an instructors course and work in the field or he wants to join the competitive side of the field, or like most of our trainees who just fell in love At sea and want to be more professional and experience every diving site in full without any need for equipment and live the world of free diving at all levels: training, nutrition, breathing, exercise.

Upon completion of the MASTER FREEDIVER course the diver will receive an international certification and a personal email with internet access to all the material learned in the course in order to preserve the knowledge.

Course structure:  

The course is divided into "wet" days and "dry" days. Each week there will be 4 wet days where we will dive and work in the water on technique, different styles in free diving, comparing rescue pressures and more. On the dry day there will be dry theory / practice classes and one day a week will be dedicated to freedom. In addition, every morning the masters begin a morning routine designed to improve their abilities.


Daily morning training:

A daily routine that will be upgraded once a week according to the progress of each diver that includes:

  • tension

  • Breathing / pranayama exercises

  • Exercises to increase lung volume

  • Chest flexibility exercises

  • Stress comparison training

  • CO2 endurance

  • Lactic acids

  • meditation

  • VTO exercises (voluntary tubeal opening)

  • Mental exercises  


Water lessons and special workshops tailored specifically to the MASTER FREEDIVER program:

Week 1

Dry Workshop 1 - Orientation: Receiving a first reitna and VTO exercises, basic / acidic nutrition, choosing a diving site and managing a diving system in the water, getting to know the warehouse and club, procedures and most importantly: practicing knots correctly (of the ropes and equipment).

Water lessons: adaptation, polishing technique, extension of diving times.

Week 2

Dry Workshop2- Dry Exercises : Stages of Breathing Stop, CO2 Tables, O2 Tables, Gluten Control Exercises, Apnea Walks, Apnea Squats, Apnea Push Ups, Maximum Breath Stops (STA) Relaxation Exercises.

Water lessons: Optimal diving pace, correct rotation, mini Freefall (advanced fall) Advanced pressure comparison technique.

Week 3

Dry Workshop 3:  Advanced pressure comparison techniques, EQ TOOL, mouth fill.

Water rates: Optimal dive rate, Freefall, Proper rotation, Dynamic dives (DYN), Depth dives, FRC dives

Week 4

Dry Workshop 4- Advanced Security and Rescue: In-depth learning on all that remains of safety in free diving, hypoxia, emergency exercises in individual and team.

Water lessons: practical advanced safety and rescue, rescue from 20 meters, variable weight practice, STATIC APNEA COACHING, dynamic dives, FRC dives, depth dives.

Week 5

Dry Workshop5- Movement and Breathing: Yoga, Pranayama and Advanced Chest Flexibility, Wim Hoff Workshop

Water lessons: Maximum depth dives, CNF (diving without aids), mouth fill practice, RV dives.  


Maximum depth: bottom of the Red Sea.

Course duration: between five and six weeks.

Cost: 6000 NIS.

* The price includes: personal professional guidance from the founders of the Adam and Ariel School, insurance, certification, study material, shirt, EQ TOOL, transportation to the dive sites and photography of your stills and video from the course!

* Each master must be equipped with his own personal equipment

* There are no specific enrollment dates for the course and it can be started at any time. It is possible to do the first two weeks of the course and finish it in the future (half course).

Preliminary requirements:

APNEA TOTAL ADVANCED FREEDIVER certificate or equivalent certificate from another free diving organization.

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