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Breathwork and ice workshop


Tthis workshop is guided by adam hale Co-Founder of the freediving school

“Freedive Israel” an Apnea Total master instructor, a Pranayama Yoga teacher, an advanced Oxygen Advantage® instructor, and a devoted Wim Hof Method Practitioner.

Adam hale believes that” Breathing is fundamental, breath is life. Many of us are busy in one way or another during the day with how much exercise we do? or what we eat? what did we drink? what diet is most effective for my body\blood, etc.

What may elude us is that it is possible to live a whole life without sport, lots of days without eating, a few single days without drinking, but without breathing only a few minutes. If we correct the breath, everything else will correct itself… “.

Workshop structure:

1) The Importance of Nasal Breathing: we will drink herbal tea together and find out what proper breathing actually is, how to incorporate it into daily activities and how to make ourselves more aware of our breathing to notice  when we breathe improperly and correct it.


2) CO2 nuisance or dear friend?: We will start with a very powerful meditative exercise whose main purpose is to learn to breathe less air to improve the sensitivity of our chemoreceptors to carbon dioxide and thus improve the absorption of oxygen in our bodies.


3) Hyperventilation and breath-holding:  We will continue the breathing practice with the WIM HOF breathing, an exercise that will help our consciousness reach a deep meditative state and our bodies get rid of inflammatory processes, in addition to creating more red blood cells to improve and optimize performance.


4) Nitric oxide: How dos nitric oxide affects our health, energy, sexlife and why we should learn to produce it ourselves Consciously.


5) Ice bath: how to enter, how to stay, and how to enjoy it to the level of addiction to feeling;)


of course, after gating hige on ice we can get low so other than gating cold we must learn how to get warm.

we are going to harness together ancient breathing and movement techniques to accelerate metabolic processes and rapid fat burning, to restore the feeling of warmth to our bodies.


Come celebrate life, feel, connect, and go wild like animals.


Waiting to breathe with you, Adam Hale

* In order to book a place in the workshop, this must be arranged by phone / WhatsApp in front of the office in advance! *

Maximum number of people: 22

Duration of the session: one and a half to two hours  


Bring warm clothes and a towel

* Individual/privet workshops can be arranged in advance *

Price: 100 NIS per person 


The workshop is not suitable:

For pregnant women, people with high / low blood pressure, heart problems, neurological problems, epilepsy patients.

Duration of the session: one and a half to two hours  

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