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Suitable for certified freedivers who can perform SAFETY DIVES and do not need or want instruction and emphasis in the water, but only need a freediver partner.

3 divers - 150 NIS per diver

2 divers - 200 NIS per diver

One diver - 250 NIS (diving with a guide)

* There is an option for a pan training tab - 7 workouts for 900 NIS *


* It is important to note that in Pan Diving we team up with qualified divers who want to practice and are looking for a buddy.

Guided training .

* There is an option to request professional underwater still photography with a fee catcher - click for more details.

Preliminary requirements:

Certificate of certification of a free diver from APNEA TOTAL or an equivalent certificate from any other free diving organization, familiarity and control of the rescue procedure and safety diver.

* Divers who have completed a course and do not feel confident to perform a rescue should practice with a guide only.


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