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Free diving training delivery


Free diving training in Eilat is on the rise !!

For the first time in the Gulf of Eilat, free diving training delivers unlimited depth to the general public.

The training is suitable for certified divers who can perform safety dives / SAFETY DIVES and want to train, deepen and diversify the training in Eilat.


So what's really going on here:

Meet at our Israel Diving Club - for those who need to rent equipment, or in the southern marina in front of Mikes Place at 7:45 or 8:30 respectively.

You can not wait for latecomers so make sure you arrive on time. Departure from the marina at exactly 9:00.


We will head towards the Electric Coast, about 10 minutes sailing. There we will anchor at a depth of between 50 and 100 meters, depending on the needs of the divers and the weather. After a briefing we will be divided into groups according to the level of the divers, we will deploy the arrays in the water and we will start

Practice (maximum 3 divers per array).  

The training time is between an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half, the duration of the activity is about 3 hours.

The entire training will be accompanied by a certified scuba diving instructor and a skilled skipper on the boat.


Before diving we will go over important safety emphases -  

* Safety dives

* Diving with Leonard - quick release and operation.

* Proper training with additional divers (diver and safety diver)

There are two options for delivery training:


Independent training - suitable for divers who do not need or want instruction and emphasis in the water, but only need a diving partner and a safe diving environment.

Guided training - according to group or individual demand


The boat is fast, large and comfortable and limited to 12 people,

Therefore the registration is in advance and it is advisable to register early.


In the boat you will find:

  • The team of instructors of the boat, Adam Hale or Ariel Kedmi, are the founders of free diving in Israel and have extensive experience in training in Israel and abroad.

  • First aid kit, oxygen (with regulator on request), communication devices and emergency seat belts

  • Water as cold as ice

  • Storage areas where essential equipment for scuba diving is kept including weights, weight belts, free diving buoys and diving ropes.

  • Full-length canopy (awning) to keep you protected from the elements.

  • GPS-Depth Finder technology is essential to ensure we find the best dive sites every day.

  • An experienced captain on board at all times.

  • Videos and photos from the training.  


* Diving from the boat is a must for Nayard, can be bought or rented from the club.

* Boat departure is conditional on the participation of a minimum of 8 divers *

Maximum participants: 10 divers

* There is an option to request professional underwater still photography with a fee catcher - click for more details




200 NIS without equipment

  250 NIS with equipment

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