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Advanced course

The advanced freediver course will take you to the next level of freediving. This course is suitable for both beginner and experienced divers who have successfully completed the basic freediver course and feel comfortable at depths of 17-20 meters. In the course you will learn new and advanced freediving techniques to improve your breath-hold and fine tune your breathing, relaxation, equalization, adaptation and body aligmant while diving.
During the ADVANCED FREEDIVIER course you will learn deep diving preparation and how to execute deep dives and deep safty in a safe and fun way to depths of beyond 30 meters.

The length of the course is about three days and is divided into 3 theory lessons + breathing training, and 3 water lessons.


If you did not practice static breath hold in your basic course, the first water lesson will be held in the pool or in shallow water, and on the second and third day the water lessons will be held in the open sea at selected dive sites.


The first day is dedicated to the STATIC BREATH HOLD discipline. With the help of mental preparation and breathing exercises, the diver will learn to enjoy a new level of relaxation while holding his breath motionless and will reach comfortbly times of over 2:30 - 3:30 minutes breath-hold. All in a safe and fun way while maximizing the aquatic potential within.

In the two deep water classes, we will practice new tools to better focus our mind and better understand the divers emotional, physical and mental processes, in order to reach a state of relaxation, comfort and enjoyment while deep diving. 


The instructor will accompany the diver from the beginning of the dive to the end, and will give specific Instructions to each diver to improve all of the above in order to reach the new depth.


Upon completion of the advanced freediver course the diver will receive an international certification and a personal email with internet access to all the material learned in the course in order to preserve the knowledge and continue the practice.

Preliminary requirements:

Apnea Total Freediver Certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation

Minimum age: 15

Course structure:


Theroy class:


  • 4 stages preparation for STATIC APNEA

  • Specific breathing technique to maximize performance of static, dynamic pool training and dry training

  • Classroom breathing exercises.

  • Relaxation techniques Focus and control the body and mind

  • Training techniques to strengthen the ability to hold their breath.

Water session:

  • Body position and relaxation

  • Preparation and warm up for static apnea

  • Maximum static apnea attempts

  • 02:30-03:30 minutes breath holds

  • Safety procedures for training with a buddy.

*The workshop is not necessary for those who have already done it before*



Therory class:

  • Advanced 4-section breathing technique

  • New breathe up

  • Negative Pressure Static Apnea (N.P.S.A.)

  •  Exhale  diving techniques 

  • Adaptation to high environmental pressures

Water session:

  • Diving reparation with N.P.S.A.

  • Specific breath up for exhale diving

  • Exhale dives to a maximum depth of 25 meters

  • Practice of equalization technique

  • Relaxing the body and conserving energy in water

  • Dive with full lungs to a maximum depth of 30 meters


Theory class:

  • Review of exhale dives from Day 2

  • Preparation for a deep dive

  • Problem solving visualization and perfect dive visualization

  • pranayama for freediving

  •  Exercises to increase lung volume

  • Deep equalization techniques

  • Stretching and breathing exercises as warm up for deep dives

Water session:

  • Complete preparation for a deep dive

  • Exhale EXHALE dives to a maximum depth of 30 meters

  • Dive with full lungs to a maximum depth of 35 meters


Maximum depth: 35 meters

Course duration: two days without static workshop / 3 days including static apnea workshop

Price for two days:

1100 NIS midweek

  1300 NIS on weekends / with static workshop it's 1700 in total

The price of the static workshop: 500 NIS

* The price includes: insurance, certification, study material, full diving equipment, transportation to the diving sites and photography of your stills and videos of your dives!

* There is an option to request a professional underwater photography with a fee catcher - click for more details

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