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Breathtaking Workshop -

A workshop for maximaizing breatholds in comfort and safely. Holding your breath for 3 minutes or more, practicing advanced breathing and relaxation techniques. A day spent in our freediving center and includes dry practice & wet practice in the pool. Suitable for certified and non-certified divers.

סדנאת עצירת נשימה

Workshop structure:

Grade class - STATIC APNEA

  • The diving reflex / MAMMALIAN DIVING REFLEX

  • Preparation for STATIC APNEA.

  • Specific breathing technique to stop static breathing, dynamic pool training and dry training.

  • Classroom breathing exercises.

  • Relaxation techniques Focus and control the body and mind.

  • Training techniques to strengthen the ability to hold their breath.


Water rate / static respiratory arrest

  • Body posture and relaxation in the water

  • Preparation and heating for respiratory arrest

  • Maximum respiratory arrest.

  • 3 min Breathing and above.

  • Safety procedures for training in pairs and practice.

Preliminary requirements:

APNEA TOTAL freediver certificate or equivalent certificate from any other free diving organization.

Duration of the workshop:

Full day: 8: 30-15: 00

What makes this day special:

Work on respiratory arrest done under close supervision of the instructor, first on "dry" and then in the pool. There is a wide and precise preparation that will allow you to achieve high results in stopping breathing.


Price: 600 NIS midweek / 700 weekends.

* When the workshop is done next to the course, the cost is 500 NIS *

* The price includes: insurance, certification, study material, full diving equipment, and photography of your stills and video from the workshop!

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