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Extended pranhima class
Advanced Pranayama Class

Let's expand your prana dimension, the breathing space, the living space.  

In the class we practice various yogic breathing exercises, in order to build control and awareness towards the respiratory system in general and our way of breathing in particular.  

These exercises are suitable for any free diver who is interested in improving his performance and sense of comfort in the water, but is also suitable for those who have never experienced free diving before.  



According to a zoologist, the purpose of pranayama is to improve the oxidation in the body, the purification, the blood circulation and the lymph node.  

Breathing has two aspects:
External - gas exchange between the blood and the air in its lungs
Internal - exchange of pruning between the blood and all the cells of the body

The lesson provides theoretical and practical tools that will develop and strengthen our awareness of the world of breathing, control of the respiratory system, work in high concentration and emphases and explanations for proper work.  

The practice is delivered by a certified instructor, in a pleasant and personal atmosphere.  

The class will open with a warm-up - yoga and stretching, and from there we will continue with an hour-long breathing session.

In the class we practiced specific pranayama exercises relevant to free divers, and more exercises

Other varieties and among them:

Use of bandages - the three main locks in the body


  • Kapalabati

  • Odiana Bandha

  • In striking

  • Anloma and Viloma

  • Narishodhana

  • Trotk

And more.

For more information on breathing you are welcome to visit our blog , which has instructional videos on breathing, articles, exercises and more.

Preliminary requirements:

Anyone interested in discovering the world of breathing, with no age limit .

Duration of the session: an hour

Price: 200 NIS per person / 150 per couple or more

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