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Odiana Bandha

Want to dig deeper in comfort? Easily pump deep, be present and focused while breathing and stopping breathing?
The answer is a regular practice of Pranayama - Odiana Bandaha!
With us
  At the free diving school in Eilat , you are already studying in the basic free diving course  (2 stars) the secrets of the pranayama to maximize our potential as human beings and especially as semi-aquatic creatures (you can read more in the articles on  Marine reflexes ).

What it means? How do you do it and why is it good?

Pranayama - translated from Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language in which the Indian Scriptures are written) whose general meaning is control of the breath and life energy.
"Prana" - the universal life energy that is in all things in the universe, whether inanimate or living. The prana is similar to the air we breathe but more gentle.
"Yama" - extension or extension
"Pranayama" - an extension of the prana dimension, the energy of life, air and breath.
Physiologically the purpose of pranayama is to improve oxidation, purification, blood circulation and lymph nodes. Breathing has two aspects: external - gas exchange between the blood and air, health and internal - gas exchange between the blood and all the cells of the body.

When practicing  Pranayama  "Bandages" should be used that will intensify the practice. We will concentrate on the important locks for diving.
Banda = lock - The purpose of the Banda is to transfer the pranic energy in the body and it has many physiological benefits.
Odiana Bandha = extremely powerful diaphragmatic stretch.


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